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Finding Home's educators are dedicated to providing home buyers with the tools to make informed decisions. Just a few of the topics covered in our entertaining 5 hour workshops include:

   Becoming an expert on your real estate market

   Distinguishing a good loan from a bad loan

   Qualifying for state home buying assistance programs

   How to select an agent and lender 

   Learn the 12 most common mistakes homebuyers make  

Seattle & Keller Williams Washington Area Real Estate Seminars

If you know anything about the Seattle, Washington area, you know that Seattle area real estate is the coastal market that just won’t quit. With its outstanding urban lifestyle and abundance of fantastic nightlife spots and restaurants, Seattle WA real estate is in high demand. Seattle’s great culture including an outstanding music and art scene as well as great sports teams, the area is highly sought after by those who enjoy living a full life with plenty to do any time of night or day. When you try one of our free first time home buyer seminars in Seattle, you will be on your way to a dream home in no time.

Seattle area real estate has always been well-loved by those who know it or come to visit — many who live here now decided to stay and buy homes when they fell in love with the area on a vacation. Finding a home here is not the hard part — it is finding one in your price range with all the amenities you require and in the part of Seattle where you want to be. Seattle real estate for sale is not a problem in and of itself — the highly competitive buyers, sellers and agents can cause undue friction that a first-time buyer may find overwhelming. With high tourist traffic and a great deal of wealthy locals and the expectance of high-end living, an experienced Seattle real estate agent can help you play the tough game of Seattle real estate .


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